In an ideal world I would be baking my own sourdough bread from a home grown starter culture. But while handling the demands of a full time office job, a toddler and her daddy, I have postponed this plan for the moment. In the meantime, there is a lot of fast cooking on weeknights, and very slow cooking on the weekend. I have to feed the lot, and the policy is- no takeaways, no ready meals in our house...

I spent fifteen years of my life not eating meat, and occasionally cutting out other food groups. Having reacquainted myself with meat, I am now very suspicious of any restrictive approach to food, unless where necessary for medical reasons. These days I am open-minded and try to eat everything (except for spinach) and would only trust my taste buds to tell me what my body needs.

Be warned, my London kitchen is far from being perfect, I don’t know how to use measuring cups, the vegetables from the farmers market turn out to be rotten every now and then, my blog photos are blurry, the toddler snubs most home cooked meals, and the daddy would never agree to eat bean burgers... This blog is a real life account of our (mis)adventures, and if you are searching for perfection, do not expect to find it here.


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